12 Affirmations For Tall Girls and Tall Women To Help Embrace Your Height

Being a tall girl or tall women is a blessing, however everyone doesn't see it that way. I started WEXIST to help others embrace their height through fashion while bringing awareness to the world WEXIST!  [wee.ig.zist] To help you embrace your height here are a list of daily affirmations to boost your confidence! 


1. I love being tall and I like being tall. I choose to focus on the positive things of being tall.
2. It's okay to be taller and stand out.
3. No matter who mistakes me for a man, because I'm tall! I know the truth that I am a beautiful tall woman!
4. I will my heels because I want too. PERIOD
5. I will enjoy a concert without feeling guilty about my height because of the shorter person behind me! #sorrynotsorry
6. People look up to me literally and figuratively
7. I do not allow other people's opinions to stop me from dating someone shorter than me!
8. I forgive those who teased for being tall and leaving that pain in the past.
9. I will walk with confidence and my head held high.
10. I take pride in being tall.
11. I do not need to compare myself to a shorter women. I am in my lane, there is no comparison.
12. I will take questions about my height as a time to educate people not all questions are created equally.


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